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About Us

We provide data services and custom technology that embodies diverse perspectives through being open, inclusive and collaborative by default.

Who we are

We work alongside clients and measure success by the number of people in our ecosystem who are successful at achieving their goals - employees, contractors, partners, and of course, our clients.

What we do

Develop Digitally uses organizational consulting and technology services to deliver measurable returns for our clients on reasonable, predictable and sustainable budgets.

our vision

We help individuals and organizations with huge ambitions and a need to make their available resources achieve lofty ends well beyond expectations.

Customer Support is our greatest asset. We keep our clients happy by offering the best round the clock email support. All our projects are supported by a team of professional technologists.

From servers, to software updates, security fixes and even general help and consulting around all the non-technical moving parts that happen around all our project.

We try our best to work as fast as possible for you. Our average response times are something we can definitely show off!

Caribbean < 3 hours
80% Complete
North America < 6 hours
65% Complete
Europe < 9 hours
90% Complete
Asia < 12 hours
60% Complete

Our Team




Administrative Assistant


Co Founder & CEO




Web Development and Hosting

We build amazing websites and offer public as well as private cloud hosting solutions.

Data Analysis

Uncover rich insights from the information in your data sets. We specialize in building models to reveal patterns and from the information sitting in your databases.


Our dedicated staff are always available to respond to email requests. Phone support is available during regular business hours.

Data Cleaning

We are champion data wranglers and will clean up any dataset by detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a dataset, table, or database.


When you use our services you can feel 110% secure at every moment, we use the type of security Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies use every day to protect our users.

Mobile First

Target All Devices Including Portables. Our Services Create a Seamless Experience for Mobile Users.


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Install Drupal 8 on Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04

Install Drupal 8 on Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04

As can be seen in the screenshot above, Digital Ocean no longer has a "one-click app" for Drupal so instead we start with PhPMyAdmin under "One-Click Apps"

I used the phpmyadmin installation because I knew it would have most of the PHP and MYSQL components installed off the bat. 

For the additional configuration necessary, I turned to this blog post.

September 21, 2017 | by

2017 Internship Week 1

2017 Internship Week 1

This is my second year working as an intern for Develop Digitally, and it has started off as a blast. Like last year, working as an intern with this company is like working with google. This is so because I always  get the chance to be learning while trying to solve problems, which at first seems difficult, but after solving that one problem it’s like learning about 10 more things along with how to solve that problem.

August 18, 2017 | by

How Open Data Connects Us

How Open Data Connects Us

Data is everywhere. In the Caribbean, a number of small independent nation states are learning to harness the years of government data collection work into resources that all citizens can benefit from. This type of initiative is described as an "Open Data" initiative and culminated in 2016 with the launch of  Government of Jamaica's Open Data Portal .  Develop Digitally was proud to be a part of the team that brought this effort to life. This effort is the first step in the process of making governments in the Caribbean more efficient, transparent and accountable.

May 09, 2017 | by

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